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An engraved LAMY writing instrument makes it even more special and unique.

Find the '+ Engrave this pen' option on the product page of the writing instrument you'd like to engrave and follow the instructions.


1. What writing instruments can be engraved?
As we do laser engraving, only the metal writing instruments can be engraved. Plastic material, for example LAMY safari and LAMY abc, can not be engraved. You will find the option on each product page as you see above.

2. What color will be the engraving text?
It depends on the metal that the pen is made.

3.Where is the engraving placed?
You can choose on the cap (if it has a cap) or body of the writing instrumet. For some pens, we can only engrave on the clip since only this part is made of metal, such as LAMY 2000 black, LAMY xevo.
We suggest that you engrave the name of the person, or just the initials for a more elegant and sophisticated looking. The maximum amount of characters can't exceed 25 including spaces.

4. How long is the delivery time?
It takes up one extra working day on the regular delivery time.

5. What fonts are available?

  • Arial
  • Arial Italic
  • Bookman Old Style

Please note: personalized LAMY products cannot be returned or exchanged.

If you have special requests or questions regarding your engraving, please contact our customer service directly on 070 779 8345 or email us on

You are welcome!

LAMY team

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